Welcome to the AMPCO Website

Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC (AMPCO) operates one of the largest and lowest cost methanol plants in the world.  We are located in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, and have been producing chemical grade methanol from natural gas produced off of Bioko Island since 2001.

Our owners are Marathon Oil Corporation, Noble Energy, Inc. and SONAGAS, the National Gas Company of Equatorial Guinea.  We produce approximately 1,000,000 tons per year of methanol, about 2% of the global market, and have over 450 employees with affiliated companies in the United States and a distributor in Europe.  We have 3 vessels, and maintain terminals in Europe and the US, where most of our production is sold.

Welcome to the AMPCO Website.  We hope it provides useful information about our company, our employees, and our industry.