AMPCO is committed to operational and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence to meet or surpass our customers' requirements for clean-burning methanol and to strengthen our communities.

UN SDGs iconsAt AMPCO, our vision is to become the most successful methanol company in the industry. Success and sustainability require AMPCO to maintain operational and ESG excellence to meet or surpass our customers’ requirements for clean-burning methanol and to strengthen our communities. Our customers come from the top tier of industry, and we must continuously improve our operational and ESG performance to earn their trust and their business.

AMPCO’s ESG commitments are:

  • to continue nationalizing and safeguarding our workforce
  • to keep investing in community projects in our host nation
  • to meet high standards for performance, maintaining high reliability
  • to adhere to ethical and transparent business practices, while building trust with all stakeholders

The AMPCO facility was purpose-built to capture and use natural gas from the offshore Alba Field to avoid flaring. By using natural gas as our feedstock and maintaining high reliability, AMPCO has prevented greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from flaring and their impact on global climate and air quality since our first commercial production in 2001. 

Our health, environmental and safety (HES) practices are based on World Bank and US regulatory standards, as well as those of our owners, Marathon Oil, Chevron and Sonagas GE. Everyone at AMPCO is held accountable for HES performance and for complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Two key indicators for HES and reliability are a factor in our corporate scorecard that determines bonus compensation.


AMPCO Plant View

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