Workforce Nationalization, Learning & Development

AMPCO is a leader in employing a national workforce in Equatorial Guinea to help sustain our business and the associated economic and social benefits in our host country. 

Nationalized Worforce 2023People and performance is one of AMPCO’s values, and our commitment is to employ local citizens to help sustain our business and the associated economic and social benefits in Equatorial Guinea. AMPCO supports the Equatoguinean government’s desire to see a fully national workforce and is a leader in the oil and gas sector in employing a national workforce in Equatorial Guinea. By investing over US $50 million in training and development since 2007, we have cultivated a performance-based culture and grown our highly skilled workforce from 55% national employees in 2007 to 91% in 2023. We have contributed to strengthening our host country’s workforce by providing training and professional career opportunities to our employees.  

The Equatoguinean President and the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons (MMH) recognized AMPCO as Employer of the Year in the Oil and Gas Sector in 2019 for becoming the first company in Equatorial Guinea to achieve a 90% national workforce.  

  • We are working to increase nationalization to at least 92% over the next three years 

AMPCO Employee year 2020 2021AMPCO provides: 

  • In-house training for ethics and Spanish.
  • In-house department-level technical training (National Vocational Qualification, NVQ). NVQ diplomas are qualifications designed for individuals who need recognition of their job competence.
  • Leadership development and interpersonal skills training delivered by third parties such as the Management Center of Europe (MCE), a UK-based training company affiliated with the American Management Association (AMA).

In 2021, approximately 30% of our national employees had taken advantage of the AMPCO scholarship policy for professional development. Within the AMPCO job progression program, AMPCO uses UK-based TTE (Technical Training Providers and Solutions) to qualify employees from Level 1 to Level 4 in a variety of disciplines including: process operations, laboratory operations, engineering maintenance and technical support.

Our current national Talent Pool includes the following:

  • 110 NVQ I to IV graduations from the technician training program.
  • 13 AMPCO engineering scholars from Texas Tech University.
  • 38 AMPCO engineering and Bachelor of Arts scholars from US and UK universities.
  • 37 national employees in supervisor and above positions.
  • 30 AMPCO Scholar graduates – chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, accounting and finance, IT, commercial and human resources
  • 6 of 10 Department Heads who are Equatoguinean. 


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