Production Technician


Production Technician

Vacancy deadline: Friday 12th July 2024

Production Technician – (4) Vacancies

Internal & External Vacancy

Coordinating and carrying out production processes Monitoring and maintaining process equipment Ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Troubleshooting process issues identifying process improvements and maintaining accurate production records.

List of knowledge, skills and abilities required:

  • Report mechanical or process problems to the Lead Operator
  • Prepare equipment for maintenance.
  • Operate all Reformer/ Distillation piping systems and equipment including Steam Reformer and Pre-Reformer, Steam Boilers, Sulphur Adsorbers, Distillation Columns, Boiler Feed Water Unit, Air Fin Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Exchangers, and Centrifugal Gas compressors.
  • Handle materials and chemicals in a safe manner with due regard to all associated hazards and familiarity with the appropriate MSDSs.  Inform Shift Supervisor of material and chemical stock levels.
  • Operate all power and some of the utility piping systems and equipment including, but not limited to:  Nitrogen / PSA Unit, Alfa Laval Desalination Unit, Reverse Osmosis Units, Gas Turbine Power Plants, Instrument Air Compressors and Dryers, Desalinated Water Storage.
  • Change over standby equipment and carry out routine checks as laid down in procedures.  Make entries in the Area Log Book every shift and read all other Operator entries (to stay current with all activities that occur in the Area).

Deadline to apply: July 12, 2024


High School or Technical Diploma in related field

Minimum of 3 years of experience

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